We are planning to organise all types of rides regularly and have a great deal to offer to any prospective new members.

All our rides have experienced and supportive ride leaders to help get you into footbiking. Whether you are taking up footbiking for the first time or returning to it, we ride at a relaxed pace with frequent regrouping-stops, so nobody needs to worry about not being able to keep up. In cases where numbers are suitable, the runs may consist of two or more groups according to footbiking ability and/or inclination. Our rides are almost entirely on traffic free cycle paths and quieter routes wherever possible with refreshment stops at cafés or pubs.

Leisure ride is an approximately 2 hour long ride on a traffic free route. These are our easiest rides at a gentle pace and are intended to be suitable for all abilities and families with children. Emphasis is on socialising and good footbiking! 

Club ride footbiking is in a variety of forms – touring, leisure, commuting, racing, holiday, family, children, or you can even bring your dog with you as there is a special feature on foot bikes to attach dog leads safely to them. It will be a group decision to agree on the place, dates and distance for these rides.







It can be very daunting coming out footbiking for the first time. You are bound to have many questions and experience a variety of thoughts. These are some of the more frequently asked questions:

 – How big is the group?

 - What is the atmosphere?

– Will I be a burden?

 - What do I need to bring?

- What if I get a puncture?

If your question isn’t answered below then feel free to contact foobiking UK and we will be happy to answer any queries.

The number of footbikers out on rides will vary. As we are a new group, the group sizes can be anywhere between about 2 and 20, but the average is about 10.

The atmosphere is in harmony with our feelings - friendly and supportive. We all enjoy the feeling of complete freedom on two wheels.  The footbiking community are always very happy to have new riders and we all take care of one another; we are all here to help and support each other. If you experience anything like a puncture, then don’t worry. We’ve all been there so no need to panic – someone will always be able to help.

Although the leader and the other riders will look after you on the ride, you need to be responsible for your own safety and fairly self-sufficient. For example:

If you are bringing your own footbike, please make sure it’s in ride-worthy condition. Check the brakes work and that the tyres are pumped up fully. If your child is coming on a bicycle, please check the chain, pedals, if the seat is in the right position, etc.

We almost always have a café stop so it is advisable to bring enough cash for the refreshment stops. You should also have a water bottle and some emergency food if you think you’ll need it (most of us do). Please make sure if you have any medical conditions, you let the leader know. If you also need to take any medicine or have it on you during the ride, then please also make the leader aware. However it will be your responsibility to make sure you bring any necessary medicine with you on the ride.

Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in, but please make sure it is appropriate for the weather and is safe. The best thing to do is to wear layers so you can adjust your clothing according to what the weather is doing and how warm or cold you are feeling. You may want to bring a rucksack as you are responsible for your own belongings.  You must wear proper shoes. If you are wearing sandals, flip flops or wellies you unfortunately won’t be allowed to join us.

Children must wear a helmet. Adults are asked politely to wear one, however it is not compulsory, but is advised - please be sensible and help us to teach our children safety.