Are you looking for ideas for a different kids birthday party?... or adult party?

Our footbiking parties are great for kids bursting with energy who love the outdoors. Why not try something new!

Do you recall that feeling of total freedom when you first learnt to ride a bike? Taking off on two wheels with no real destination in mind and not a care in the World? Let us recreate those childhood memories and join us for a fun footbiking ride!


Kids love to be active, explore, and try new activities. With that in mind, our trained coaches have come up with a range of exciting footbiking adventures tailored to keep your kids entertained whilst being healthy and active outdoors.

Footbiking is a great, healthy and exciting outdoor activity on two wheels. The perfect way to keep fit, build strength and stamina whilst having fun!

Here at Footbike UK we are passionate about the great outdoors and footbiking. This passion feeds our commitment to delivering an absolutely unique and fun experience for kids parties, encouraging them to want to keep footbiking!

Our parties are held outdoors in the beautiful park and woodland in Stoke Park in Guildford, Surrey. Parents and helpers can relax and enjoy the lovely surroundings or pop into the café leaving us to take care of everything.



We will provide: Footbikes suitable for all ages and abilities as well as an Activity Leader for the duration of the footbiking activity. 

Footbiking is suitable for all ages and abilities. However due to the level of activity required, we would recommend that kids are aged 8 and over, although we have seen some 6-7 year old footbiking fanatics!

We ask for one adult helper for every 6-10 kids, depending on the group’s age range. This will be confirmed on booking by your party organiser.

We can provide picnic party food on request. This is £5 per child. Should you wish us to provide this, we will need 2 weeks notice and payment prior to the date of your party.

Bespoke parties can be arranged, or you can select from our exciting selection of adventure parties.